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0601 - The First Misgiving by SMK720~Laura (airdate, Dec. 1, 2003)

A trip to New York City to watch Jamie ride the National Science Fair float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade should be innocent enough, right? A Barnstorm family member, a cryptic message, the KGB, Beaman and big balloons all converge to have feathers flying faster than a New York minute! Can Lee and Amanda juggle Mother, Phillip, Jamie, the KGB, and New York City and still get home before Aunt Lillian overcooks Thanksgiving Dinner?

0602 - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Karat by SMKTiff (airdate, Dec. 15, 2003)

When recurring jewel thefts at several DC stores escalates into a potential terrorist involvement, the Agency gets involved. Lee learns about a domestic extremist group operating as a cover for the jewels being fenced in return for funds to purchase shoulder surface to air weapons. At the hideout, plans are overheard to use them in a strike against Dulles airport. Amanda and Francine go in as prospective buyers for the jewels. Grabbed by one of the men during an altercation, Amanda utilizes a case of jewels to cause a mishap and proves diamonds really are a girl's best friend.

0603 - I DO Believe in Spies! by SMK720~Laura (airdate, Dec. 22, 2003)

The prospect of a Christmas not being trapped in a den of killers is enticing! Leaving the country for a French Provincial Christmas in Quebec should guarantee a peaceful Christmas Eve in the West-King-Stetson household. But, it just wouldn't be Christmas for Scarecrow and Mrs. King without DOTTY and FRENCHMEN and SPIES, oh my!

0604 - The Maltese Dingus by Miriam (airdate, Jan. 12, 2004)

En route back from a late movie showing of "The Maltese," Lee and Amanda get into a car accident. While unconscious, Lee dreams that he's a 1940s hard-boiled private eye, with Amanda as his faithful secretary and Francine as his rich client who needs his help. While Amanda sits by his bedside at the hospital, she is amazed at all he reveals through his mumblings in his dreams.

0605 - Two Times Charmed by SMK720~Laura (airdate, Jan. 26, 2004)

A traditionally busy weekend in DC floods the Agency with potential fires to put out. The trick for Lee and Amanda will be which fire is the real threat, courtesy of an old nemesis. Lee, Amanda, Billy, Francine, Agency personel, The New Scotland Yard, Conrad Barnhill, Dotty and the boys all get into the act.

0606 - A Tale of Two Secret Lives by SMKTiff (airdate, Feb. 9, 2004)

With Valentine's Day and their anniversary approaching, Lee and Amanda just want some time alone. But, rumors of a group of rogue Russian military seeking to hijack military transmission codes sends the two agents on a mission to track the group. After they pinpoint the location, figuring they've got the case in the bag is a given. Running into the boys, sidestepping Dotty's interference and doing some fast talking to get out of being caught in their jobs is not. When surveillance on the group goes awry, Lee and Amanda's chances for time alone become slim. By the time the case is solved, Lee's 'Vette is in the shop for the fourth time that year and he's in no mood to celebrate. Will it be a night to remember or another night spent in the 'editing room'?

0607 - End Game by Julie (airdate, Feb. 23, 2004)

Gordon Redding returns to seek revenge on Lee and Amanda. (He escapes from prison and hires someone to impersonate Lee this time around. Mayhem ensues. Amanda has to choose which Lee is the right one in order to save his life.

0608 - The Trashman Cometh by NotExactly-Diane (airdate, Mar. 8, 2004)

The Scarab returns to DC this time with terror and revenge in mind. And just why is Augie Swann in the mix? Can Lee and Amanda stop him again before he strikes a lethal blow?

0609 - A Tree Grows in D.C. by SMK720~Laura (airdate, Apr. 5, 2004)

While volunteering at the "National Cherry Blossom Festival" in DC, Dotty stumbles onto a plot to destroy the over 3000 Yoshino Cherry Trees that grace DC. Insisting that Lee and Amanda investigate, will Dotty finds herself embroiled once again in Agency business.

0610-11 - The Spies Who Knew Too Much by Miriam & Julie (airdate, Apr. 19 & 26, 2004)

While travelling in Morocco with Jamie, Lee and Amanda accidentally learn of a planned assassination plot in London. Bad guys behind the plot snatch Jamie; Lee and Amanda follow to London, foil assassination plot, save Jamie. For more details, watch "The Man Who Knew Too Much," the Hitchcock movie.

0612 - The Past, the Present and the Truth by Lori & SMK720~Laura (airdate, May 10, 2004)

On the heels of the harrowing experience in Morocco and England, Jamie's suspicions begin to rise. When a school project reveals some helpful information, Jamie decides it's time for the truth.

0613 - Boy Wonder, Meet Batman by Miranda (airdate, May 24, 2004)

Lee and Amanda are assigned the task of finding a kidnapped NSA developer. That night they tell Phillip the truth about what they do. When Phillip follows them on assignment, he gets "recruited" by the KGB, who tell him they're working for the Agency. While "helping" them, Phillip realizes they aren't really US govt. When he does, he helps Lee and Amanda retrieve the kidnapped NSA agent and the case is closed...except for the repercusssions...

0614 - All Things Must Change by SMK720~Laura (airdate, June 7, 2004)

On a classified assignment with the State Department, Intelligence Operative Efraim Beaman has successfully collected intelligence and arranged the exodus of Chinese student dissidents using the techniques the Chinese use themselves. Picked up by the hardline PLA 27th Army, his disappearance sends shockwaves throughout the US Intelligence community as they scramble to find another source of information as things heat up in Beijing. Stunned when she finds out that her partner is the un-named source of the State Department intelligence, will Francine Desmond risk everything to find her partner and friend?

0615 - Pine Brush Variant by Miriam (airdate, June 21, 2004)

When Dotty wins the "Queen for a Week" contest, Lee and Amanda learn that having servants can be worse than being servants. Under Dr. Smyth's orders, a peacock dances with a badger to catch a raven.

0616-17 - Ready or Not by SMKTiff (airdate, July 5 & 19, 2004) - SEASON FINALE!

Word of a top secret NASA mission involving a scientist at Georgetown University reaches the desk of Billy Melrose but also gains the interest of a group of Russian spies who have invaded the suburbs of Arlington. This puts the Agency and its top agents on full alert. Despite battling headaches, fatigue and dizzy spells, Amanda is determined to stay alert and do her part.

When Amanda is kidnapped and the identities of the two top agents are blown, the sabotage attempt escalates. With less than twenty-four hours to solve the case, Lee frantically searches for any clue to his wife's whereabouts while the Agency investigates who might be working from the inside. The clock is ticking. Will it come down to the final seconds? And where will the conclusion leave the Agency's best team?

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