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We had to change services due to message number restrictions preset at only 50. We've archived all previous posts below.

Name/Codename: Jennilee
Feedback: Just finished 2 Secret Lives -- Great work Tiff! Loved all the little bits from old episodes! Gotta go read it again!

Name/Codename: Baba
E-mail address: BabaGase@webtv.net
Feedback: Virtual Season 6...WOW! Couldn't be any better! Thanks again to all who are involved!

Name/Codename: e
Feedback: Another exciting episode. Poor Connie......... Inspector Keaton better take better care of the Mongoose this time!

Name/Codename: sharr
Feedback: Another nice episode. Love seeing Connie Barnhill back for a visit; and the battle of breakfast.

Name/Codename: jj
Feedback: I liked this story, great interaction between everyone. Breakfast was very funny, but I was ROFLOL at Francine's, "He left me!"

Name/Codename: QBureauQT
Feedback: I loved Two Times Charmed! My favorite part is The Battle For Breakfast. Would love to see that on screen!

Name/Codename: Brittany
Feedback: THE MALTESE DINGUS - great episode! Can't wait to read what else will happen.

Name/Codename: sharr
E-mail address: sharr53@yahoo.com
Feedback: Re: Maltese Dingus. This one just makes me laugh every time I read it. My current favorite line is now: "If it's another Chubby Chewy Chocobar, things are going to get ugly." Of course, each time I read it, I find a new favorite line.

Name/Codename: OhMyGosh
Feedback: Thanks so much for the wonderful eps everyone! I LOVE being able to get new SMK even if I do have to wait 2 whole weeks!

Name/Codename: ec
Feedback: Good job. Maybe I should have Copied and Pasted a couple of my favorite lines--but that might have given away parts of the story. Im sure sorry Season 6 didnt make it to PAX. :)

Name/Codename: jello
E-mail address: stm405@aol.com
Feedback: Great stories. I am enjoying season 6. MORE! MORE! MORE!

Name/Codename: Brittany
Feedback: Please post another episode soon!

Name/Codename: sharr
E-mail address: sharr53@yahoo.com
Feedback: Nice job on I Do Believe in Spies. I thought it was very typical of a good SMK episode, especially in having Dotty be the one who spills the beans. Nice characterizations.

Name/Codename: MusicBox
E-mail address: Musicbox@sbcglobal.net
Feedback: Great ep, Tiff! I know, I know, Im BEHIND . . . does this surprise you any? LOL! Im an episode behind. ::sigh:: I know you expect a better review from me, but it's not gonna happen now. Just know that I LOVE it. Very SMacKy!

Name/Codename: Brittany Stafford
E-mail address: BrittanyLS@aol.com
Feedback: I love all the episodes so far for Season 6! I miss watching the show so much, but your stories are great!! Please keep them coming!

Name/Codename: Fabienne Gayraud
E-mail address: fabienne.gayraudjojo@laposte.net
Feedback: Hi, I am French and i find your site great. I am a Scarecrow and Mrs. King huge fan.

Name/Codename: Mandie
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/mandiesmk
Feedback: The 6th season is great everybody! Thanks for all your hard work, and please get more episodes up!

Name/Codename: JJ
Feedback: Glad to see Beaman get what he finally deserves! Great story, good writer.

Name/Codename: dp
Feedback: Very good Christmas story. Loved the action at the end. Well described and very SMKish.

Name/Codename: Vicky
Feedback: I love the new Chrismas story. It has everything I always loved in Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Great job.

Name/Codename: isasa330
E-mail address: isabellenadon@hotmail.com
Feedback: Hello! I loved this Christmas episode, particularly the fact that the story happens near my home. I live 30 minutes from Tremblant. The only problem is that Quebec City is really, really far from Tremblant. The nearest major city is Montreal.

Name/Codename: BlueAngel
Feedback: Big SMacKy hugs to the SMK6 crew for sticking with this and finally making this a reality!

Name/Codename: sharr
E-mail address: sharr53@yahoo.com
Feedback: Another nice addition. I love the interplay between Lee and Amanda; and especially the alliances between Lee and Dotty. I was mourning the loss of the 12 SMacKy Days of Christmas this year, but looks like the writers of the virtual 6th season are taking you on a great ride!

Name/Codename: Not Exactly
E-mail address: dianejackman@yahoo.com
Feedback: Loved both of the first episodes. Im so excited that Season 6 is now a reality!

Name/Codename: Needtoknow
E-mail address: ruthhair524@hotmail.com
Feedback: Thanks so much for doing this. You guys (gals) are doing a wonderful job and keeping this show alive for us. Thanks.

Name/Codename: Margie/Baba
E-mail address: Babagase@webtv.net
Feedback: Just finished reading Tiff's Episode #2. Real life kept getting in the way! Great job, Tiff! You really know how Lee, Amanda, Francine [and the others] think and act. Well-done as always. Again, thank you all for this wonderful holiday gift.

Name/Codename: microdotty
E-mail address: microdotty@smkfans.com
Feedback: I love it! I've read the 1st 2 episodes and they are great. Good work, guys.

Name/Codename: Mom2Jared
Feedback: I am enjoying what you are airing so far. Being part of the writing team for Season 5, I feel you have done us justice! Keep up the good work!

Name/Codename: OhMyGosh
Feedback: I'm loving Season 6! Thanks everyone!

Name/Codename: Lyndasews
E-mail address: Lyndasews@optonline.net
Feedback: Great job, Tiff. I love how your writing keeps in line with the show. Keep up the good work.

Name/Codename: JenniLee
E-mail address: jennilee@fanfiction.net
Feedback: Loved the second episode...not sure which is my favorite..They are both so good! Cant wait for the next one!

Name/Codename: Pat/MyAmanda
E-mail address: mpcsmith@hotmail.com
Feedback: Loving it! Thanks to everyone involved in getting Season 6 underway. Can't wait to read and enjoy the rest of the season.

Name/Codename: Fabienne
E-mail address: fabienne.gayraudjojo@laposte.net
Feedback: It's great!

Name/Codename: Stephanie
E-mail address: steph_w@mail2world.com
Feedback: I'm so glad that season six is finally here. It was worth the wait and you have an excellent staff. Great Job!

Name/Codename: AgentS
E-mail address: sharr53@yahoo.com
Feedback: Nice opening story. Good work from the writers and I look forward to more of Season Six.

Name/Codename: Lori/Rambler
Feedback: Great story! I really enjoyed it.

Name/Codename: nightwing
E-mail address: ldsgirl3000@yahoo.com
Web Site?: http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/ldsgirl3000
Feedback: The season premiere was great! I loved it. Can't wait to read the rest.

Name/Codename: formerDCresident
Feedback: Cute story. I do have a problem with the timing. It takes closer to four hours to drive to NYC from the Arlington/DC area, not three hours.

Name/Codename: JenniLee
E-mail address: jennilee@fanfiction.net
Feedback: Love the first episode! Keep it up!

Name/Codename: Laura/MusicBox
E-mail address: MusicBox@sbcglobal.net
Feedback: Great season premiere, Laura! Gotta love a Thanksgiving Day Parade. Way to go season6 staff! It's been worth the wait!

Name/Codename: Margie/Baba
E-mail address: Babagase@webtv.net
Feedback: Great Story, Laura! The timing and topic are perfect. You are to be commended for all of your research and accurate attention to detail. Thank you to your husband and son for their help. You write as well as you bake! The site is BEAUTIFUL, Tiff. It adds a lot to the overall appearance.

Name/Codename: Maureen/Animalnurse
E-mail address: petnurser@aol.com
Feedback: Wonderful...... But I didnt expect anything else, anyway!

Name/Codename: Patti-Whacki
E-mail address: iamchilled1@yahoo.com
Feedback: Just want to say thanks to all the Season 6 staff for all the hard work they put in to make our favorite show even more enjoyable.

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