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An "obsessed" fan of the show since she rediscovered it on Pax in 2000, Danielle has been slowly working her way through the fandom reading everything in sight from message boards to fanfiction. Although her favorites are mid-3rd season just falling in love Lee and Amanda, she's very excited to be part of the Season 6 team.

Danielle currently attends UC Davis studying Nature and Culture. Although reading Muir and learning geology, all part of her interdisciplinary major, takes up most of her time, outside of school she especially enjoys music, working with animals and children, fighting for the environment, and spending time with her friends – both online and offline! She lives in an apartment with the worlds two best roommates and sometimes foster kittens, making it difficult to find time to write. Somehow the SMK-6 writing gets done, although the history papers and comparative literature papers tend to end up pushed aside.

Finally, Danielle would like to thank the entire Season 6 team, especially Sherina, who dragged her in and said, "Write! Please!" It's been wonderful for her to work with such a creative group of authors who enjoy her SMacKy passion.

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