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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…Di was born. Horrified, the aliens snuck up on a small blue-green planet not far from Betelgeuse and left her…Harry Potter style…on the doorstep of some muggles. Growing up in a cupboard under the stairs, she spent her early days…and her later ones…watching TV.

Five million TV shows later, Di’s head is full of the same six stories that are repeated series in and out…and has been able to regurgitate them to good effect in providing the occasional clichéd plot twist to season 6 writers…which they then managed to write around…and eventually out of their story.

Her red pen is legendary…her sarcasm known all over the galaxy. Her fashion sense is second to none [402nd maybe] and her continuity skills were learnt at the knee of Bob…the SMK continuity guy. Every fanfic she betas now has a white-socked stuntman (so his mom can identify him) and a stupid comment that flies in the face of all that has gone before.

The rest of the season 6 team tried to have her banned…but her connections to Hal ensured her continued presence on the squad…albeit in a cheerleading capacity only. She does however insist that only DC’s finest agent can freshen HER pom-poms...

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