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Season Six Staff Profile
~Laura S.~

Someday Laura hopes to grow up and have the epiphany of knowing exactly what it is she is supposed to do in life.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Laura has lived in a variety of places. Graduating from high school in Michigan, she attended university on a full art scholarship. Laura met her husband in a college physiology class when he asked if a seat was taken and promptly sat on her lap. They have been married 26 years and have two sons, Sean who is in Radiology school and TJ, a senior in high school.

Changing careers in 1990, Laura attended the New York Culinary School in Manhattan. Graduating first in her class with a blue ribbon diploma, she started her pastry career working for high profile Hampton gourmet shops before stepping out on her own. Laura is now a nationally recognized chef whose work is well known and has been featured in The New York Times, Bon Appetite, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Living, and Seventeen magazines.

A watercolorist, Laura has recently submitted several paintings for a local exhibition. She continues to sketch and paint on her travels. She is also a photographer, her favorite subjects being nature and architecture.

Laura has been writing stories since she was young. She states that her first short story was not well received by the critics and the reading public. Writing "HELP! I’m A PRISONER" on a piece of construction paper and holding it up in her bedroom window so the neighbors could see it, her mother was less than amused, earning Laura an increased time out. In spite of such negative public reception to her first published effort, Laura has continued to write over the years.

As a fan of Scarecrow and Mrs. King since "The First Time" aired in 1983, Laura was thrilled to find the huge fandom that this series continues to own. She enjoys writing SMK FanFiction and is happy to be contributing to the SMK Virtual Season 6.

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