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~Laura S. (2)~

Laura has been a fan of SMK since The First Time in '83. She and her good friend analyzed it every Tuesday morning in Yearbook class. She found SMK again in 2001 when the cable company she subscribes to decided to add PAX to the line up. She was flipping through the channels one December afternoon and came upon the show. It’s been a renewed love affair ever since.

Laura has been writing fanfiction since high school, but really didn’t know it until January of 2002. After finding the PAX website and all the SmacKy people there, she journeyed into the world of Fanfiction.net. She was extremely excited to find that she wasn’t alone in her desire to see *more* of her favorite shows. Unfortunately, two weeks before she had thrown away her very first fanfiction piece during a cleaning frenzy in the basement. It was for another 80’s TV show *Airwolf*. Laura still has the bruises on her rear from that incident. In the first month of her renewed *interest*, she devoured every fanfiction she could find, tying up the phone line for hours and using more paper than ever to keep her favorite stories near. After writing 6 fanfics, she came to the horrible conclusion that her muse has taken an extended leave of absence. He was last seen vacationing on a small island off the coast of Africa. Laura hopes this betaing endeavor (SMK6) will pursuade him to come home – at least for a little while.

Laura's other passions are God, her 5 children, her husband, hockey, Alias, and Star Wars. She is a bona fide Cub Scout Mom (and even has the training patch to prove it). And although she does not drive a station wagon or wear nightgowns and high heels, she has been known to drive past the train station on days there is a 30% chance of rain. Her *Lee* has been harder to convert than she thought. He still does the SMK husband eye-roll, but has been caught enjoying episodes (shhh ... he’ll deny it!), reading her fanfiction and commenting *would Francine really say that?*, shouting *it’s the blue wire!* during movies and TV shows, and pointing out Corvettes to Laura and their daughter. He was also the inspiration for one of her fanfics.

Laura’s favorite SMK episodes are The Triumvirate and Nightcrawler (CBS versions, of course) and her favorite tag is from The Eyes Have It. Her favorite season is mid–to–late third. She is serving as a beta and helping with continuity for this project and is looking forward to those sneak previews!

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