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Miranda Thomas has been a fan of SMK since the original CBS show. Though she was only 6 at the time it first aired, her mother swears she was glued to the television for each new episode. She is still searching for her own Lee, going so far as to advertise her "SPY GRL" status on her license plate (if you don't believe it, ask to see a picture of it!) Though she has yet to actually perform as a spy, in her mind there are constantly conspiracies happening around her, she is merely collecting evidence until she can actually prove one.

Miranda currently lives in Kentucky, and though she claims to want to leave, she has recently bought her first house. She has been out of the country only once, to study in Italy. Ever since then she's loved traveling and spends her summer weekends traveling the continental United States on a semiweekly basis. There are many countries she hopes see in the future and is making plans to return to Europe in 2005. Her free time is consumed with reading books about spies, watching movies and televisions shows with spies, and writing about spies. (Do you see a trend developing here?) She began writing her first SMK fan fiction in October 1999. However, since it took her until autumn of 2001 to finish it, she hasn't many completed and posted.

Miranda is participating in creating the virtual season six of SMK to feed her passion for the spy world. She hopes that some day soon the CIA will realize her potential and recruit her. Until then she is biding her time in the world of fictitious spies.

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