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Miriam, writer and beta, has been a fan of SMK since the original CBS show. She lived and worked in D.C. during the show's second season. Although she kept hoping to run into Lee, so she could volunteer to deliver packages for him, he was off solving cases in Europe at the time. She thinks she may be distantly related to Amanda King because they have a family resemblance in terms of their propensity to ramble.

Miriam lives in Minneapolis, where she writes grants, academic articles, and technical documentation and crunches social science data for a university research center. She is addicted to books, movies, and chocolate. She has been writing and betaing SMK fan fiction since fall, 2002, and her earlier stories were posted at the online group, smkfanfic. Her twin muses, Almira and Elmira Gulch, and her inner grammarian, Miss Agnes Peabody, take credit for whatever is good in her SMK work. All failings are due to typos by Miriam, the humble typist.

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