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Tiff began her obses...interest in SMK when it first aired in October of 1983. Although just a child, she vividly recalls her mother telling her she could stay up to watch if she was dressed and ready for bed with her teeth brushed. To be able to enjoy a glimpse of her favorite American spy each week was enough to make her do her mother's bidding. Her father even remarked about losing his 'little girl' to an older man -- even though Lee Stetson was the same age as him.

Over twenty years later, her interest remains, but has since blossomed into fanfic writing and the establishment of the much-loved and well-known "Tiff's Tagalogues", short stories that pick up right where each episode leaves off and continue it just a little farther. Sometimes, the tagalogues took on a life of their own and become full-length fanfics, but the readers didn't seem to mind.

She has been writing since she was a child, but the pursuit of and success in being a published author has helped her realize how much writing fills her. Fanfiction is a way to share her love of certain TV characters with others who share that love. Thanks to her many traveling adventures, she is able to bring a variety of experiences to her writing. She has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, the Caribbean, all of the states east of the Mississippi River, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and even California. Although her journeys can't compete with those of Lee Stetson and Amanda King, she relies upon her experiences to bring an added dimension of reality to her stories.

She has 6 fiction books and one children's picture book published, as well as a number of stories, contributions and articles that feature her byline. Outside of articles, her favorite genre to write is historical fiction, and she is steadily receiving book contracts for 3-book sets.

She produced the virtual seventh season of another favorite TV show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Working on the virtual sixth season of SMK is her way to continue sharing that love of beloved characters with others. She hopes you enjoy taking this journey with her and the rest of the Season Six staff.

Currently, she lives in Colorado with her husband and fellow author, Stuart, and their new daughter, Victoria. Their border collie, Roxie, rounds out the foursome, but they hope to add a 5th member to their family in the very near future.

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